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Zhao Shuanglian Attends China-Australia Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum Release Time : 2017-04-13

During his visit to Australia, Premier Li Keqiang attended and addressed China-Australia Economic and Trade Cooperation Forum held in Sydney on March 24, where he exchanged views with fifteen provincial and state governors from China and Australia as well as some business leaders on how to enhance regional trade and cultural cooperation. COFCO Corporation Chairman Zhao Shuanglian was invited to attend the Forum.

Faced with the trend of global economic integration, COFCO Corporation has always been committed to ensuring the smooth flow of G&O and food to the market of demand by relying on the Chinese market, building its global presence, and breaking the regional and structural imbalance in terms of the world’s agro-products production and consumption so as to generate stable supply. As of 2016, COFCO Corporation had made accumulated investments of over AUD 250 million in Australia, where it is mainly engaged in trading grains such as wheat, barley and sorghum, sugar processing, livestock farming, and dairy products.

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