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COFCO Corporation Launched Export of Processed Wheat Flour Release Time : 2016-12-02

On November 17 in the port of Dalian, the first batch of small-packaged wheat flour of COFCO Fortune and Xiangxue brands was loaded on board the container ship bound for Vancouver, Canada, which marks COFCO’s official launch of wheat flour export to the international market.  
The export of Fortune Jindian dumpling flour, multi-purpose flour and Xiangxue dumpling flour and steamed bun flour mainly caters to the needs of overseas market for China’s quality special purpose flours, enabling local Chinese compatriots to taste the flavor of authentic hometown dishes during the Spring Festival. 
As a major core business of COFCO Corporation, COFCO’s wheat processing has established its leading position in the industry over the past two decades. In exporting the first batch of wheat flour, COFCO’s wheat processing unit has leveraged the advantages of “fully-integrated value chain” by purchasing unprocessed food grains of good quality and applying international leading milling technology and rigorous quality control to ensure stable product quality, thus successfully completing the transaction of exporting the first batch of wheat flour and kickstarting the new model for flour business.    
As the largest centrally administered SOE in the grains industry, COFCO Corporation is duty-bound to implement China’s grain security strategy, elevate the level of rice and flour sectors, and boost the influence of China’s agri-products in the international market. In order to actively answer the country’s call to “de-stock”, fulfill the mission of centrally administered SOE, and meet the demands of international market for China’s agri-products, our rice/flour staple grain team has tapped into COFOC Corporation’s status of being an international grain trader and rice business’ international trade experiences to actively pursue business opportunities of exporting wheat flour to the international market.
COFCO’s initiative of exporting wheat flour has received great attention and generous support from Chinese government’s competent department and ministries. COFCO’s staple grain team will actively engage in the overseas marketing and contract execution, coordinate rice and flour businesses and better serve the grain macro-control policy needs of China.

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