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First Special Track Line for Bulk Grain Transportation from Northeast to Southwest was into Operation Release Time : 2015-02-05

A Beiliang L18 bulk grain train with 50 cars loaded fully with good quality Northeast corn headed from Tantu Loading Station in Baicheng for COFCO Chengdu Industrial Park at 4:50 am on January 23. It marks that the first special track line for bulk grain transportation from Northeast to Southeast was into operation.
The train was expected to arrive at Puxing Station in Chengdu on January 28. There was a second corn train also with 50 cars to go in the schedule of this month. The volume totaled 6000 tons. As estimated, the L18 train could save five days and RMB 10 per ton in transportation cost compared with the traditional type.
The track line was echo of the state’s grain transportation strategy and the first of its kind to Southwest. It changed the traditional pattern of grain transportation in the region. It strengthened competitiveness of COFCO Chengdu Industrial Park and improved efficiency of use of bulk grain trains in Beiliang Port. COFCO also connected the grain production region with the grain consumption region and expanded its grain transportation network, which was a big step in its history.
According to the Grain Administration of Sichuan Province, the annual market demand for grain processed for feed, industry and brewing exceeded 23 million tons. Each year the province had to buy more than 8 million tons of corn, which made it the second largest province of the kind. Most part was purchased from Northeast, Northwest and North. And it had to rely on railroad transportation due to long distance from the Yangtze River.
COFCO Chengdu Industrial Park is one of the key industrialization projects for COFCO Corporation and Chengdu. It covers more than 830,000 square meters. The total investment amounts to RMB 2.2 billion. It is equipped with advanced bulk grain logistics facilities. Its distribution capacity totals 1.5 million tons. As the largest agricultural product processing, storage and transportation base in Southwest, the park provides strong safeguard to the whole province and Southwest.

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