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COFCO Signed Cooperation Framework Agreement with PWC and AQ Release Time : 2014-12-02

COFCO Corporation signed the cooperation framework agreement with PWC China and PWC New Zealand and AQ New Zealand on November 10, 2014, in Beijing, under which the best practical experience in foods quality and safety of related industries will be introduced and taken advantage of to help COFCO work out an innovative plan on the basis of the whole food supply chain.
It aims to establish a platform for COFCO and China’s food and agro-processing industries to have access to an international expert team with long term stability and reliance. It tailors an integrated resolution on food safety and quality management to COFCO’s needs and demands. It reduces safety risks and management costs. And it enhances the influence of COFCO brands on the international market.
This cooperation echoed the topics discussed during the APEC Summit on integration of regional economies, stimulation of economic innovation and development, reform and growth, enhancement of exchange across the board and infrastructure construction. It will improve the food safety and quality management of China’s food and agro-processing industries, and promote exchange and cooperation in related industries between China and New Zealand, which was planned on such fields as food safety strategy and management model, risk management, due diligence investigation, inspection and testing, technological methods, training, management, energy saving and emission reduction, and environmental protection.
Top government officials from New Zealand, COFCO management and PWC management were present at the ceremony.
PWC New Zealand is the largest consulting firm in New Zealand. PWC China is one of the largest in China. They have plenty of resources and practices worldwide. They provide professional service for sustainable development of companies. AQ New Zealand is the wholly-owned business of New Zealand government, which provides food safety and bio-safety service for food and primary processing industries.

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