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COFCO Organized Food Safety Forum Release Time : 2014-07-14

COFCO Corporation organized the 6th China Food Safety Forum for the sixth consecutive year, which started in the CPPCC Auditorium on June 10, 2014. The keynote of this forum was promoting food safety capacities by means of law and ethnics.
Mr. Yang Wang, Deputy Premier, made a speech. As quoted, food safety was relevant to people’s health and economic and social development. Enterprises ought to establish systems of internal control, traceability and callback. Authorities ought to improve laws and rules for guarantee. The society ought to take the ethnical initiative.
As Mr. Frank Ning said, enterprises ought to place importance on food safety and were the first which ought to be responsible for food safety. Food safety was also social responsibility to an SOE like COFCO. Mr. Zaotian Wan was present at the round table forum on deepening reform in improving food safety capacities. COFCO adopted the integrated business model and established the complete food safety control system. COFCO also learned from international experience.
As China’s largest agro-product and food manufacturer, COFCO always considers food safety as social responsibility and core competitiveness which is key to branding and growth. The integrated business model which was adopted in 2009 is customer-oriented. It establishes the whole value chain management system from farm land to dining table. COFCO offers customers safe, nutritious and healthy food by effective control of key and critical links and synergy of different industrial chains. With years of efforts, COFCO’s product qualification ratio keeps over 99% through consecutive five years of sampling.

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