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Mengniu Dairy was Selected into Hang Seng Index Release Time : 2014-03-03

Hang Seng Indexes Company Limtied announced on February 12 that it would select Mengniu Dairy into Hang Seng Index after the market closed on March 7.

This means that Mengniu Dairy’s production, operation, financial situation, market value and trading volume have all reached criteria of Hang Seng Index and that its market leader position in the dairy industry and the fast moving consumer goods industry and its promising value growth potentials are fully recognized by the capital market.

There are a total of 50 stocks in Hang Seng Index now. Mengniu Dairy is categorized under HSI - Commerce & Industry, under which there are also other strong mainland companies like Tencent Holdings, China Moible and CNOOC. This shows Mengniu Dairy’s strength, image and important position in the capital market clearly.

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