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Danone would Become Second Largest Shareholder of Mengniu Dairy Release Time : 2014-03-03

Mengniu Dairy and Danone made the joint announcement in Hong Kong on February 12 that they had reached the agreement under which Mengniu Dairy would make the additional stock issue to Danone for the price of HK$ 42.5 a share, 15.3% margin compared with the close price of HK$ 36.85 on February 11, valuing HK$ 5.153 billion in total, amounting to 6.6% the capitalization.

The deal would produce three largest shareholders of Mengniu Dairy. COFCO was holding 16.3%, Danone would be holding 9.9% and Arla Foods was holding 5.3%. They jointly established COFCO Dairy Investments to hold their stock in a pool.

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