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Mr. Patrick Yu Made Keynote Speech on Boao Forum for Asia Release Time : 2013-04-27

Mr. Patrick Yu, President of COFCO Corporation, was present on the Boao Forum for Asia and made the keynote speech on the roundtable conference for agriculture on April 8, 2013.

As quoted, China had the largest population of the world. Food supply and safety was the most basic for the government. Priority should be given to rice and wheat in safety and self-sufficiency. More should be inputted to agriculture to increase productivity and competitiveness. COFCO would like to play the leading role by means of the integrated business model. The country was suggested for to give more elasticity to the procurement price so that the price of agricultural products could be consistent with the international market. Governments were also suggested for to input more to science and technology, share achievements with each other, have more cooperation and guarantee stability of the international market in the long term.

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