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China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited Held Press Release for Performance of 2012 Release Time : 2013-04-08

China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited (606.HK) held the press release for performance of 2012 and made promotion to analysts in Hong Kong on March 26, 2013.

In 2012, the company carried out the organic growth strategy, consolidating business fundamentals. Taking advantage of the prior strategic expansion of the countrywide scale, it increased the sales volume and market share sustainably and enhanced its market position, with the annual revenue increasing by 10.9% to HKD 91.319 billion. Compared to the mid-term performance, the second-half-year performance improved notably, though profits attributable to equity holders dropped by 48.2% to HKD 1.228 billion due to severe economic situation, fierce competition, cost pressure from raw materials and RMB appreciation.

Steered to market demand, the company also made greater efforts in R&D and innovation to strengthen competitiveness of its products and services, guaranteeing health and safety of foods and enhancing the leading position and influence.

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