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COFCO Customer Satisfaction Survey Launched Release Time : 2012-03-20
In order to promote the "client-oriented" management strategy and culture, as well as maintain the sustainable growth of the core business unit operations, COFCO customer satisfaction survey was launched on January 8.

Ning Gaoning, Chairman of COFCO, has stressed that the starting point of the strategy is clients. Owning customers will have the market, the product positioning, the knowledge of the competitive environment, the allocation of their own resources, and the implementation process and efficiency. Going with the strategic restructuring of the Group, COFCO began in May of last year the preparation of customer satisfaction survey, aiming at further strengthening customer awareness in the operational units, knowledge and understanding of the customer, recognizing self shortcomings as well as improving the disadvantages, so as to continually enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

To achieve this customer satisfaction survey, Gallup Consulting Firm was employed to assist in the implementation. Gallup is one of the world's leading consulting firm specialized in polls and business surveys. Its outstanding achievement in the academic and business has been leading in the world.

Yin Jianhao, office director of COFCO and the concerning directors of the Wine Division, Oil Seeds Processing Division, China Tea Company and COFCO Plaza participated in the initiation meeting. The four departments such as Wine Division are the focuses and profit centers of this survey.
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