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Ning Gaoning Calls on Enterprises to Stop Being So "Literature-minded" Release Time : 2012-03-20
Speaking at the annual meeting of leaders of Chinese enterprises December 10, 2005, COFCO chairman Ning Gaoning called on enterprises to stop being so "literature-minded." The theme of the meeting, which was held by "Chinese Entrepreneur" magazine, was "Chinese Enterprises Come of Age - The International Business Community Takes Notice of China's Progress."

Ning Gaoning believes that many Chinese enterprises are too "literary" when describing themselves, often weaving in stories that have nothing to do with enterprise operations and attempting to turn descriptions of their operations into literature. Such "literature mindedness" is actually very harmful to efforts to ensure rational operations. Chinese enterprises should abandon this approach for an approach closer to normal practice in the international community. They should describe themselves using consistent and down-to-earth enterprise language based on an expert finance and accounting system. The description should include more things like strategy, market analysis and basic R&D of the enterprise. This is more likely to help the reader understand and evaluate the enterprise's management system and actual situation and to benefit the enterprise's healthy development.
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