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COFCO Elected as 2006 Most Responsible Enterprises Release Time : 2012-03-20
COFCO stood out from over 30 candidate companies, honored as 2006 Most Responsible Enterprises at the awarding ceremony jointly organized by China Red Cross, Overseas Chinese Affairs Office under State Council, Working Safety Administration, China News Agency, China News Weekly and China Red Cross Fund on Jan. 26.

The elected companies came out as the result of three-stage evaluation process, including insight into corporate social responsibility trend, social responsibility index and expert panel review. Such opinion has been echoed among experts that COFCO has made achievements both socially and economically, contributive to environment and society through its products and services while lending substantial support to the implementation of three farming-related policies.       

Mr. Yu Xubo, COFCO’s Vice President, attended the awarding ceremony and participated into panel discussion entitled Existence, Nature, Harmony. Mr. Yu shared with other participants about the guiding effect that COFCO’s mission and corporate culture has played on its business development. He also remarked that COFCO, as a company based on natural resources, has long regarded it as a necessity rather than a lip service to make a scientific and efficient use of natural resources and to provide safe and environmentally friendly products and services.

Also elected as 2006 Most Responsible Enterprises includes other 11 companies, include State Grid, CCB, etc.  
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