COFCO NHRI is the first domestic R&D center based on enterprise, which performs systematic study on national nutritional needs and metabolic mechanisms in order to achieve national health claims.

COFCO NHRI is the central research institute of COFCO Group. With the mission of “Focusing on the life sciences, Devoting to nutrition and health, Serving the value chain and Developing quality products”, take the vision of “Transcending customer demands with innovation and leading a healthy life with science and technology”, NHRI creating nutritional and healthy products, inventing green and sustainable technologies to improve quality & efficiency, saving energy and reduce emission. By adopting “Open Innovation” mode and “Independent Research” mode, NHRI supports COFCO business in all directions. It will be committed to a market-oriented diversified agricultural science and technology enterprise. COFCO NHRI so far has formed a highly educated dynamic multi-cultural innovation team, has created a state leveled opening research and innovation platform of grain, oil and food stuff gathering innovative resources, it is the main body of national food science and technology strategy implementation.

COFCO NHRI has been honored as key research platforms at provincial or ministerial level, such as “Beijing Key Laboratory of Nutrition, Health and Food Safety”, “Beijing Engineering Laboratory for Geriatric Nutrition Food Research”, “Beijing Livestock Products Quality and Safety Source Control Engineering Technology Research Center”, “National Energy Research Center of Liquid Biofuels”, “Academician Expert Workstation” and “Post-doctoral Research Centre”. Been attached of “Cereals and Oils Nutrition Sub-Association of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association”, “Food Quality and Safety Testing Instrument and Technology Application Sub-Association of China Instrument and Control Society”, NHRI also lead the establishment of “Nutrition and Health Food Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance”. Owning “Grain Quality Inspection Center of State Administration of Grain”, “National Subsidiary Foodstuffs Quality Supervision and Inspection Center”, “National Standard Sample Calibration Laboratory of Natural Products”, NHRI Food Safety and Quality Testing Laboratories has been certified by “CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment), CMA (China Metrology Accreditation), CMAF (China Metrology Accreditation for Food)” 3 in 1 authentication. COFCO NHRI, Jointly formed the Australia-China Joint Research Centre in Future Dairy Manufacturing, obtained the “National high-tech Enterprise Certification”, “Capital Civilized Unit”, “Demonstration Unit of Introduce of Foreign Intelligence” of State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs , “Demonstration Unit of National Grain Science and Technology” of Administration of Grain, “The Patent Examiner Practical Base” of State Intellectual Property Office, “National Advanced Group of Popularization of Science” by Ministry of Science and Technology …, and other honorary titles.

During “the 13th Five-Year Plan” period, NHRI will based on domestic and international industry requirements, focus on the development of six leading industries surrounding COFCO main stream. Which includes “Cultivation of the food safety industrialization”, “Serving Rice, Wheat, Edible Oil, Corn, Sugar and Tea, i.e. the 6 major industries transformation and upgrading through quality and efficiency improvement”, gathering innovative resources “Creating a future oriented opening innovative and venture bases”. By the end of “the 13th Five-Year Plan” period, NHRI will turn into a market-oriented diversified agricultural scientific enterprise, after another five years, NHRI will realize the “10-100-1000” strategy goal, namely “Create more than a billion profits”, “Achieve more than 10 billion revenue”, “gather over 1000 of talents”. COFCO NHRI, with stronger ability and strength on behalf of COFCO, serving domestic and international grain, oil and food stuff industry, it will become a first-class mechanism with “innovation system”, “leading industry”, “R&D pioneer”, “well-known brand” and ”the banner of development”.

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